And the Award Goes to… Lynxx and Transdev Australasia for Excellence in Transport Data!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Lynxx Australia Pacific Team, in collaboration with Transdev Australasia, has clinched the top prize for Excellence in Transport Data at the ITSAustralia 13th Annual Awards!

A few of the Transdev and Lynxx team!

At Lynxx, we’re passionate about advancing the transport industry through innovation and cutting-edge technology. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Transdev Australasia, which has led to our joint win for Excellence in Transport Data at the ITSAustralia 13th Annual Awards. We believe that our success is a testament to our unique strengths and expertise, which we’ve combined to create data-driven solutions that are changing the face of transportation. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our award-winning collaboration with Transdev and share some of the exciting ways in which we’re working to revolutionise the transport industry through data innovation.

In an ever-changing world, it’s becoming increasingly important for public transport operators to stay agile and meet their customers’ evolving expectations. Working with Transdev Australasia, a leading public transport operator in Australia, we used cloud computing and machine learning to transform how public transport is operated. This innovative approach has not only earned the Transdev team the Excellence in Transport Data award at the ITSAustralia 13th Annual Awards but has also put them at the forefront of the transport industry’s digital transformation.

Transdev’s Network Solutions Analytics platform, developed in collaboration with Lynxx for NSW bus operations, provides end-to-end visibility of the entire customer journey by integrating data from various sources, including operational and weather data, ticketing information, and more. This not only allows Transdev to monitor past performance but also model future demand and schedule adherence, thereby shifting their focus from merely moving vehicles to creating optimal outcomes for their customers and communities.

With its single-platform architecture, Network Solutions Analytics allows cross-referencing between datasets to support causality analysis. The insights derived from this platform are organised into ten distinct modules across three pillars, each with built-in quality control mechanisms:

  • Customers & Performance;
  • Scheduling & Reporting; and
  • Operational Excellence

This knowledge is then made available to all stakeholders through dashboards that are tailored to their specific needs, enabling informed decision-making at every level.

One of the key benefits of Network Solutions Analytics is its ability to optimise resource deployment. For instance, it was recently used to inform a recut in one of Transdev’s NSW bus contracts, leading to a 1.4% increase in services and a 0.7% reduction in dead-running using the same resources. This not only results in better quality services but also contributes to improved public transport competitiveness against less sustainable transport alternatives, benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Initially conceptualised in collaboration with Lynxx for NSW bus operations, Network Solutions Analytics has since been successfully deployed in other jurisdictions, such as WA and QLD, and has garnered interest from international operators and authorities. As the platform continues to evolve, it will seamlessly integrate AI and machine-learning extensions, making it even more powerful and future-proofed.

All in all, the joint efforts of Lynxx and Transdev have brought about a transformative shift in the way public transport operators operate. Their innovative and data-driven approach has not only led to greater operational efficiency but also a more sustainable, customer-centric, and competitive transport system for the benefit of all.