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Successful organisations across the globe realise that leveraging their data is vital for future success. But getting there is not always easy. Our goal is to first help unlocking and visualising data, and step-by-step, build more advanced analyses and insights. 

The key to success is to maintain and increase momentum during this journey, without getting tied down by technical complexities. Doing so requires the delivery of tangible answers to the most important business questions. That is why our starting point is always: what value can we deliver from data?

Industry focus

Because we put the business context at the heart of our work, we always want to be understand the industries we work in. This means we focus our projects on industries where we have extensive experience, or with sophisticated clients to share the journey with. This ensures we get the relevant context knowledge rapidly. We have built this context knowledge with years of international experience and we maintain our cutting edge by working in close cooperation with leading universities globally. As a result, we have a team of some of the world’s best data scientists, operations researchers, data engineers and advanced analytics specialists with access to world class intelligence and analytics tools.

What makes us different

We believe that practical adoption is key to delivering value. That is why we invest a lot of time in working with end-users to understand how our solutions can make their (working) lives easier. Whether it is by making a dashboard more intuitive, an analysis more precise, or a model transferrable, we go the extra mile to make this happen. Always. 

Our role is to bridge the gap between the business challenges and the technical possibilities. That is why we hire great people, with a combination of both IQ and EQ, and technical depth and business sense. And above all – people who are fun to work with!


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This is our team.

We are a young (at heart) and ambitious team consisting of analytical people, often with an econometrics or quantitative sciences background.

We are creative and always have a solution to any problem a client might have. Together we don’t shy away from a challenge. We deal with serious and complex issues, but always keep it light-hearted with room for fun.