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Lynxx is a high-tech, insights and data consultancy. Our team of data scientists, data engineers and developers helps organisations extract the value from their data. From a deep understanding of industry context, we come up with creative solutions to unlock potential. From capturing and storing data, to analytics using advanced mathematics and AI-powered insights, to building production-scale data platforms, our team will support you to deliver tangible outcomes. Above all – we are fun to work with!

Data Insights

We create the dashboards and visualisations to get the insights already present in your data. From a single set of KPIs, to interactive reports your whole organisation can use, we build and implement it with you or for you.

Data Analysis / Optimisation

We complete analyses to uncover insights hidden in your data. From optimisations using operations research, to machine learning based predictions, we sweat the data until you can make the right decisions.

Data Engineering

We make sure that your data is collected, stored and available when and how you need it / whether local or in cloud, we build and maintain the infrastructure required to unlock your data.

What we do.

At Lynxx we are passionate about helping organisations across a range of industries solve the complex problems holding them back. With the power of data at our fingertips, we can find the creative solutions you need to drive your business into the future.

We know that data forms the foundation of smart, modern decision-making. Our mission is to help you through the stages of that journey.


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Volop vooruitgang met Advanced Analytics

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As the third-largest airport in Europe, Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) is used to seeing over 70 million passengers come and go...

Repositioning analysis

Around 15% of the driven kilometers by bus operators in Amsterdam and Sydney are empty mileage kilometers. In less populous...


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