Junior Back-End Developer.

📍Sydney, Australia


We are looking for a Junior Developer to join our DevOps & Data Engineering Team to assist in our quest to solve our clients’ problems (and making the world a better place in the process).

Jouw rol als Junior Back-End Developer

Your role as Junior Back-End Developer

Lynxx is a super-fun (we do say so ourselves), challenging, creative, flexible, and ambitious advanced analytics, operations research & visualisation consultancy and high-tech systems supplier. We have roots in the public transport & logistics sector but with growing practices in social sciences and financial services. We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and complete work across the globe in conjunction with our European office. We often build awesome software products to assist our clients manage and optimise their industrial systems. We are looking for a Junior Developer to join our DevOps & Data Engineering Team to assist in our quest to solve our clients’ problems (and making the world a better place in the process). 

We have recently changed the way that we work, so you can work from one of our offices or hybrid (up to 50% of your time at a place of your choosing).  

The process of adding people to our team will involve some coffee (other beverages are available), some chats, some practical challenges (data, not DIY) and a period of time for us all to decide whether we can work together.

We want you to thrive, so you must be yourself at ‘work’. Our only real rule is to ‘do the right thing.’ 

Occasionally we give each other job titles so we can fill in boxes on tenders (so you will probably want to call yourself a ‘Junior Developer’ on LinkedIn).  

We love diversity of thinking and diverse workplaces (as a small example, we have over 5 first languages in the team, 6 if you include Kiwi) so would especially welcome applications from those who bring something different or unique in their ways of thinking. We do not necessarily need full-time people, but you will need some flexibility to work around client commitments. This role would suit recent graduates.


This part is really important (without this your application won’t be reviewed): 

Apply via our listing on Seek. Read through the application and follow the instructions to apply. 

You will:

  • Have an excellent technical fluency in Python, and it would be even better if you understand related web frameworks (e.g. Django) and APIs.
  • Have an excellent pedigree in coding in a data-heavy environment (probably with a degree or aptitude for the ‘why’ not just the ‘what’ – you’ll need to work with highly quantitative data scientists, so can’t be put off by numbers).
  • Have a specific attention to detail – you will be working on production systems that run mission-critical systems in the real world.
  • Have a great attitude towards getting work done but will enjoy working in a fun and dynamic environment.
  • Be able to roll up your sleeves (and you will need to make your own coffee and manage your own calendar, but we are sure you will know an app for that).
  • Be tenacious, persistent, and resilient (our copywriter wanted to say ‘attack analytical problems like a dog with a bone,’ but we are too nice to actually attack anything).
  • Be comfortable giving and getting feedback.
  • Thrive in diversity (of people, styles & thinking).


We try not to confuse confidence with competence, so don’t get put-off by our big ambitions. And of course we will provide full training over the first 18 months

We Offer:

  • A unique inspiring environment with career opportunities, in a dynamic, flexible team, with a competitive salary.
  • The opportunity to be part of a wider team including clients and our international teams.
  • An environment where learning is mandatory and failing (occasionally) is expected.
  • Fun and challenging work that will help solve the problems that society is facing today and into the future (with a real focus on smart infrastructure and cities).
  • International work experience options with the very best colleagues.
  • An annual company conference (previous trips have included skiing in Austria).
  • Opportunities to undertake further specialist study at the world’s top universities (but we would welcome your feedback on university ranking algorithms).
  • Progression plan and excellent development opportunities – the future is what you make it and we will support your growth.
  • Exposure to cutting edge analytics techniques including machine learning, and what everyone else calls AI (we call it business as usual).
  • Mentoring program over the first 18 months to help you settle into what it means to be part of Lynxx.


From application to offer.

Submit your application to a vacancy or open application


Let's have a quick chat to see what we're both about!

Introduction call

Let's dig in. "How do you see yourself in 5 years?"


Get to know us over coffee, lunch and a game of table football.

Day at the office

An opportunity to present an exercise aimed at getting a better impression of your skills and how you approach things.

Business case

We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.


Lynxx specializes in projects in the world of Public Transportation. You will work in a young and energetic team in which everyone gets a lot of responsibility and independence. As a team you work on projects where you can make a positive social impact.

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