Founder/ Leader for our North American division.

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Jouw rol als Founder/ Leader for our North American division

Your role as Founder/ Leader for our North American division

Lynxx is a super-fun (we do say so ourselves), creative, flexible, and ambitious advanced analytics, operations research, econometrics, visualisation and high-tech systems consultancy. We have roots in the public transport & logistics sector but with growing practices in social sciences and financial services.

We have offices in The Netherlands and Australia that serve clients across the globe. We have lots of work in Canada and have decided that it is time to open up our North American division in Toronto.

We’re looking for a founder or leader to set up and grow our operations. You will probably have a consultancy background, looking to step into a more autonomous role. You will be very well supported by our Dutch and Australian operations, and options are available for equity if you want to share the upside and downside risk and cost.

We don’t expect our business leader to be a data scientist, but you will need to know enough about what we can do to inspire clients and ensure the quality of our work (especially in the early days).  To give you a flavour of the sorts of things we do, this is what our typical consultancy team profile will be like:

  • Have at least an honours degree in a specialist quantitative field (econometrics, statistics, actuarial science, mathematics, or physics).
  • Eat numbers for breakfast but also be a creative all-rounder.
  • See the potential in people and tasks and can turn that into new work with our clients.
  • Have a great attitude towards getting work done but, will enjoy working in a fun and dynamic environment.
  • Have a talent for languages, especially programming ones (you will be able to use R and/or Python).
  • Have a passion for communicating with data visually – helping insights come to life with beautiful and meaningful visualisations.
  • Be able to roll up your sleeves (and you will need to make your own coffee and manage your own calendar, but we are sure you will know an app for that).
  • Have an open mind to new methodologies and ways to solve problems but be able to build a bridge between practice and theory. We try not to confuse confidence with competence, so do not get scared off by our big ambitions.
  • Be tenacious, persistent, and resilient (our copywriter wanted to say, ‘attack analytical problems like a dog with a bone,’ but we are too nice to actually attack anything).
  • Be comfortable at giving and getting feedback.
  • Thrive in diversity (of people, styles & thinking).
  • We tend to use the AWS tech stack, so experience with these tools would be an advantage.


We want you to thrive, so you must be yourself at ‘work’. Our only real rule is to ‘do the right thing.’  Occasionally we give each other job titles so we can fill in boxes on tenders (so you will probably want to call yourself Managing Director – North America on LinkedIn).

We love the diversity of thinking and diverse workplaces (as a small example, we have over seven first languages in our team, eight if you include Kiwi), so would especially welcome applications from those who bring something different or unique in their ways of thinking.



We offer:

  • A unique, inspiring environment with a real opportunity to shape the nature of a high-growth operation.
  • The opportunity to be part of a virtual team: you will work closely with our Dutch and Australian teams but bringing a local flavour to the work.
  • An environment where learning is mandatory and failing (occasionally) is expected.
  • Fun and challenging work that will help solve the problems that society is facing today and into the future.
  • International work experience options with the very best colleagues and the chance to push boundaries in high-stakes client work.
  • An annual company conference (previous trips have included skiing in Austria, although, in the middle of the Ontario winters, you may be lobbying for a summer week in Australia).
  • Exposure to cutting-edge analytics techniques, including machine learning and what everyone else calls AI (we call it business as usual).

If this interests you, please get in touch with Matt, our MD in Australia, at We’d love a video message outlining who you are and what you think you could bring to Lynxx North America.


And sorry, no recruiters.


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